The Chieftains - Celtic Harp

The Chieftains - Celtic Harp
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In 1792, the remnants of Ireland's itinerant harp playing community gathered in Belfast to celebrate a legacy that seemed to be dying. Fortunately, a man named Edward Bunting transcribed the music he heard there, preserving it for all time. This recording pays tribute to Bunting, and contains much of the music that he heard in Belfast over two-hundred years ago.

1. MacAllistrum's March 2. Tribute to Bunting 3. Parting of Friends/Kerry Fling 4. Planxty Bunting 5. Madame Cole 6. Blackbird 7. Táimse 'Im Chodladh 8. Sonny Brogan's Mazurkas 9. Wild Geese 10. Green Fields of America 11. Carolan's Concerto 12. Lament for Limerick

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