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Bonnie Rideout- Scottish Fiddle Music
Bonnie Rideout- Scottish Fiddle Music
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Bonnie Rideout- Scottish Fiddle Music

One of the finest and most fiery Scottish fiddlers of our time, Bonnie Rideout brings to her performances the evocative music of the Highlands. On stages from Scotland's Edinburgh International Festival to America's Kennedy Center, Bonnie's unique style of fiddling has charmed audiences with a vast array of traditional Scottish dance tunes, Highland bagpipe marches and reels and ancient Gaelic melodies; each reflecting the rich musical tradition of her heritage. Bonnie, a three- time U.S. Scottish fiddle champion, has been featured on CBS's Sunday Morning, and NPR's Performance Today, Morning Edition and The Thistle and Shamrock.

Scottish Reflections

1. MacDonald of the Isles Set (3:25)
2. Seal Songs (4:25)
3. The Thistle (4:34)
4. Dunblane Charlie Glendinning (5:00)
5. Unst Bridal March (3:32)
6. Lamentation for the Fallen Heroes of Waterloo (3:24)
7. Irchy Fingers (2:39)
8. Cro Kintaile (4:00)
9. Highland Laddie (2:46)
10. Highland Laddie - variations (1:32)
11. Lament For Limerick/Lochaber No More/Irish Lamentation (7:43)
12. Gloomy Winter (2.22)
13. St Kilda Air/Jenny Nettles/Reel (4:51)
14. Minstrel of MacDonald's (6:25)
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