Carmel Quinn's Ireland

Inishmore • She Moved Through The Fair • If I Was A Lady • Darlin' Kate • Wee Hughie • How Great Thou Art • The Whistling Gypsy • Ach I Dunno • When The Children Are Away • Bally Macquilty's Band • Come Back Paddy Reilly • Dawn On The Hills Of Ireland


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Carmel Quinn's Ireland CD-R-9000
Carmel Quinn's Ireland
Carmel Quinn - Live in Concert

Dear Old Donegal •Dublin Stories - Aunt Julia •Dublin in the Rare Old Times •Mick McGilligan’s Ball •No Charge •Don’ Bother To Knock •The Rose •Irish Humour •Wee Deach An Doris/Roamin’ In The Gloamin’ •More Irish Humour •A Little Bit of Heaven •Never Too Late •America the Beautiul

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