What is the press saying about FLOAT so far?
- "Decidedly mature and unapologetically soulful, Float is one of the most important records of this young year." - Alternative Press
- "It's the band's most diverse album yet - and diversity being their strength, it's also their most accomplished." - Spin
- "Some bands are about the brain. Others, like Flogging Molly, are all about heart." - New York Post

Float  -  Flogging Molly
Float - Flogging Molly
Item# CD-SD-1348
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Float  -  Flogging Molly

Track Listing:

1. Requiem For a Dying Song
2. Paddy's Lament 4. You Won't Makea Fool Out of Me
5. Lightning Storm
6. Punch Drunk Grinning Soul
7. Us of Lesser Gods
8. Between a Man and a Woman
9. On the Back of a Broken Dream
10. Man with No County
11. The Story So Far

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